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13 charming fashionable shops to find the perfect something for that special person

The Great River Road is renowned for its stunning shops, galleries, and boutiques, especially along the stretch of three magical villages along Lake Pepin. From Maiden Rock to Stockholm then on to Pepin you will find a collection of 13 places filled with amazing fashion and accessories with beautiful items to lust after that make the perfect holiday gift for someone special. 


In the ‘big town” of Pepin, the largest of the three villages, you will find a select collection of shops that do fashion beautifully.

1. Tin Roof Boutique

Stroll thru the charming boutique and find beautiful collections of Lake Pepin and cabin themed clothing along with stunning bags and delightful jewelry. Always new and exciting things to discover in the shop!


Check out

202 3rd Street, Pepin, WI

2. Harbor Hill General Store

Explore an eclectic mix of charm and elegance in Harbor Hill. Delightful finds await – clothing, Pepin gear, hats, and delightful accessories await.


309 3rd Street, Pepin Wi.


BNOX has been an institution along the Great River since 1993. Their passion for exceptional artisan jewelry is inspired by the majestic bluffs outlaying the expanse of Lake Pepin. BNOX is no longer open on a regular basis but has become a wonderful “occasional” shop. Follow them on Facebook or give them a call to find out schedules.


Check out For contact information and up to date

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4. Stockholm Pier

Located in the Village Park in Stockholm, the stone pier was constructed as a landing and shelter for steamboats that plied the Mississippi River. Reaching 750 feet into the lake, you can get a taste of what it's like to be on the water of the Great River. Today you will find folks strolling and fishing along the pier.

5. Fort St. Antoine

European history has deep roots in the area. Nicholas Perrot was a daring adventurer, fur trader, and able diplomat. The handsome Frenchman built Fort St. Antoine on the shore of Lake Pepin near here in 1686. Alarmed by the aggressions of the English, the French government felt it was necessary to repeat their claims with sufficient pomp and ceremony to impress the Indians and to assure their allegiance. Accordingly, here at Fort St. Antoine on May 8, 1689, Perrot formally took possession of the entire region west of the Great Lakes "no matter how remote" in the name of Louis XIV. When A.W. Miller surveyed this area in 1855, he reported the fort site occupied "a space of about 60 by 45 feet, and stood about 70 feet back from the point of highest watermark on the lake shore." The fort site is downriver from Stockholm on Hwy 35.

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6. Birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder:

The regions most famous one-time resident is without a doubt, Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura was born in the big woods 7 miles outside of Pepin. Her life in the area was chronicled in the first book in the series – Little House in the Big Woods. Today a replica of the cabin the famous family lived in stands at the site – now surrounded by fields as the big woods of legend have all faded away. You will also find a delightful museum dedicated to Laura in the village of Pepin. The wayside is located 7 miles up County Road CC off of Hwy 35, outside of Pepin.

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